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Take in a beautiful view from atop Shima’s Daiozaki Lighthouse

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By Charlotte Steggall
Published Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 (9:55pm)
Daiozaki Lighthouse

Thanks to the "power spot" boom, there is a massive influx of people coming to the Ise-Shima area with the sole purpose of seeing the Inner Shrine. As someone who has played Ise tour-guide to her family, as well as to Japanese friends from Tokyo and Nagoya, I've found it quite difficult to find unique attractions in the area beyond the obvious places.

However, motivated by my shiny new camera, and the invisible clock that seems to constantly remind me that I have just half a year left in this beautiful prefecture, I searched the internet and came up with a list of places of interest. The first on the list was Daiozaki Lighthouse.

It's quite an adventure to get down to the lighthouse without a car. If you are not familiar with Japanese public transport, you will certainly be an expert by the end of the day.

From Ugata station, you can catch a bus (number 60 from stop number two, there are about two buses an hour and it will cost about ¥400), which will give you a very scenic route for about 40 minutes.

You'll know when to get off because you'll be able to see the lighthouse from the bus, and there will probably be quite a few elderly Japanese tourists wanting to get off at the same stop as you.

The little town is very quaint, living mainly off of the small number of tourists that make the effort to come and souvenirs, such as dried fish (the water on the front is so clear you can see all the fish swimming around), seaweed-based goods and pearls.

The town is known as the "Town of Painters" due to its popularity with artists. There's a nice loop course set out, shown on a big sign near the bus stop. It takes you up through a small sloping backstreet full of little shops, with lots of photo opportunities on the way until you get to the lighthouse. There is a ¥200 entry fee, which is a bargain considering how beautiful the view is once you get up to the top.

The walk back down to the bus stop will take you along the other side of the loop, and has a few more good photo opportunities.

There weren't any restaurants or convenience stores in the area, but we found some good places to eat in Wagu, which is another 20 minutes or so more on the bus.

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