Earthquakes and Tsunami

Information and news in the aftermath of the disaster

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By Mie Life Magazine
Published Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 (11:18pm)

While many people watching the disaster from Mie may feel the need to offer help by going to the region, this is not generally seen as helpful at this time. Instead, donating money -- or blood -- are the best ways offer help from afar. Below are some links to websites with more information on these methods of helping, along with links to news sources you can use to stay informed.

We will work to keep this list updated and will add to it as we find more resources or updated information. Feel free to suggest by posting on the MieJETs forum.

General information, donating money, and links to further resources

Giving blood

  • An article that describes who can and cannot donate blood in Japan.
  • Find out when and where to donate in Mie. But beyond this list, some hospitals and blood centers take donations daily. Ask around in your local area.

News sources

If you use Twitter, here are some accounts providing related information

The account for this entertainment magazine has been converted into a source of breaking news, offering a steady stream live updates in English based on TV coverage and other sources.

A Japan-based reporter for The Associated Press who is provided occasional updates and newslinks.

A Japan-based reporter of ABC News (U.S.)

An English-language feed from the Japanese newspaper

A Japan-based reporter for The New York Times.

The primary account for the English-language newspaper

Instant reports on Japan quakes

Nuclear reactor trouble

For those concerned about the ongoing issues at the nuclear facilities, here are a few articles on the issue.

There is a lot of conflicting information and this story is changing rapidly, so use these sources only as background. Stay abreast of the latest news to keep informed.
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