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By Dan Traylor
Published Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 (2:16pm)

Mie Life Magazine launched in the middle of March of this year, just days after the massive earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. Rather than postpone our start, we compiled a list of resources for English speakers who wanted to get accurate information on the nuclear disaster and other topics.

Since then, we have uploaded a number of photographs, articles and even some artwork. With the exception of two articles, all of the items were written by foreign residents of Mie. While it is great to see them helping -- and we need more of that help -- we also hope to see articles and photos by Japanese contributors.

It has been a very small group of people involved in trying to spread the world about the magazine, and I admit is has been challenging and not totally successful. I know I can do more myself, but if the amount of participation remains at the current level, there’s not much reason to go on.

It’s on this note that I renew my call to the Mie community, be you Japanese or foreign: please consider helping out as a volunteer. Mostly, we need people to write and take pictures. As more articles and photos come in, we’ll need more people to edit, translate, and process that content.

It’s also here that I’d like to announce a volunteer “co-editor” position, ideally for someone fluent in Japanese with at least conversational English. This person could be Japanese or foreign, if the language skills fit the bill. Because it’s a volunteer position, we cannot offer pay. Instead, I offer you a leadership position and an opportunity to shape the future of the project.

In your volunteer role, be it as a contributor or a new co-editor, you’ll be a part of something that has yet to find itself fully. But in short, here my goals for Mie Life Magazine over the next year:

More Content

I want to see a variety of content written by several contributors, including articles, opinion columns, photographs, videos and more.

Expanded Audience

As we add more content, I want to expand the audience by reaching out to more people around Mie and beyond.

Special Print Edition

If possible, I want to see a special printed edition, including useful travel information, interesting articles, photographs, and more. This would require advertiser support and a lot more volunteer work.

For these things to work out, new volunteers need to step up. Email to reach me or to find out more.

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