Communication, Art, and the Cheapest Bed in Town

(Dec 22)

A recently-opened guesthouse offers more than just an affordable bed

CULTURE | Dan Traylor

Rain Above, Music All Around

(Sep 05)

At a seaside cafe in Shima, a live music event fostered a sense of community

CULTURE | Dan Traylor

Keiba in the Koen

(Jun 29)

In a prefecture without an official racecourse, a horse racing meet is the last thing you’d expect to see being held in a local park in Inabe.


Cherry Blossom Photo Collection

(Apr 13)

Some of the best blossom pictures from around Mie


Hanami Preview 2011

(Mar 28)

Sakura season is upon us — read up on four of Mie's best hanami spots

CULTURE | Jeff Case

Forest Fashion

(Mar 15)

All you need to know about Japan's "Mori Girls"

OSHARÉ MIE | Charlotte Steggall