Toba Sweetheart

(Jun 11)

Monitor tour offers foreign residents a special experience

MIE TRAVEL | Jenn Languay

The Hills Are Alive

(Apr 28)

Imitating a mountain goat on a hillside a long way from civilization can be strangely enjoyable. Claire Usmar reports that the mountains are where the action is in Mie.

MIE TRAVEL | Claire Usmar

Searching for Bears on the Nakasendo

(Mar 18)

Enjoy an easy, scenic hike connecting restored Edo-era villages

JAPAN TRAVEL | Dan Traylor

Power Tower

(Mar 15)

Take in a beautiful view from atop Shima’s Daiozaki Lighthouse

MIE TRAVEL | Charlotte Steggall

Walk Hard

(Mar 02)

Enjoy a walk through local nature, reward yourself with a taste of local nihonshu

MIE TRAVEL | Dan Traylor